The fame monster lady gaga download album covers

Full Albums features covers of every track off a classic album. Got an idea for a future pick? Leave a note in the comments! But we would probably be doing Gaga a disservice if we failed to acknowledge her chart-topping sophomore album, The Fame Monster. Each of the songs references some kind of monster Gaga encountered in her two years on tour for The Famerevealing her take on the darker, more monstrous side of fame. Despite this fact, Pennsylvania-based rock band, Halestorm, still manages to make the track their own.

The shredding guitars, heavy drums, and powerful male and female vocals may have something to do with it. Try not to bang your head to this one. Be prepared to be rocked to the core with distorted guitars, a loud bass drum, and screamo-like vocals — in other words, we suggest you turn your volume down for this one. In these instances, you can always count on the fans to serve up at least some semi-decent covers.

That was a fun compilation — I listened to every tune! Anyways, thanks for this post! Check out their video. O ive never seen it before and it looks like it coudve been a album cover for the fame monster.

Your Comment. Name required. E-mail required. Hits And Fits says:. August 26, at pm. Jen says:. November 7, at pm. Branon Santos says:. September 29, at am. Olivier says:. December 6, at pm.Initially planned solely as a deluxe edition reissue of The FameInterscope later decided to release the eight new songs as a standalone EP in some territories. The decision was also because Gaga believed the re-release was too expensive and that the albums were conceptually different, describing them as yin and yang.

The deluxe edition is a double album featuring the eight new songs on the first disc and The Fame on the second disc. A super deluxe edition released on December 15, holds additional merchandise, including a lock from Gaga's wig.

A pop record, The Fame Monster has influences of discoglam rockand synthpop music of the s and sas well as industrial and gothic music. The album was also inspired by fashion shows and runways. According to Gaga, the album deals with the darker side of famewith its theme lyrically expressed through a monster metaphor. The cover artwork, shot by Hedi Slimanehas a Gothic theme and was declined for release by her record company, but Gaga persuaded them.

The Fame Monster received generally positive reviews from music critics. The album has won multiple awards since its release. It was nominated in a total of six categories at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awardsincluding Gaga's second consecutive Album of the Year nomination.

It won three, including Best Pop Vocal Album. The next two singles" Telephone " and " Alejandro ", reached the top ten in multiple countries worldwide.

To promote the album, Gaga embarked on The Monster Ball Tour —which became the highest-grossing tour in history by a debut headlining artist. Gaga released her debut studio album, The Famein Consisting of electropop and synthpop songs, the album offered a commentary on fame, duality between celebrity and fan base, as well as wealthy person's life.

After the worldwide success of The Famethe idea of a re-release arose. Gaga had already composed a song, " Monster ", by March I have an obsession with death and sex.

Those two things are also the nexus of horror films, which I've been obsessing over lately. My re-release is called The Fame Monster so I've just been sort of bulimically eating and regurgitating monster movies and all things scary. I've just been noticing a resurgence of this idea of monster, of fantasy, but in a very real way. If you notice in those films, there's always a juxtaposition of sex with death.

Unlike her debut album, the new record was inspired by the singer's personal experiences. The final cut of The Fame Monster contains eight tracks on the standard edition. Gaga was the co-producer on all the tracks.

He added that the track contained a "dominant atmosphere and a Gothic aestheticfrom the monochrome cover artwork of the single version to the crucifix logo".

The fourth track is the ballad " Speechless ", a s rock -inspired number that discusses abusive relationships with lyrics like "I can't believe how you slurred at me with your half-wired broken jaw".

It consists of vocal harmonies and guitar riffs, which according to PopMattersis comparable to the work of Freddie Mercury and Queen.Initially planned solely as a deluxe edition reissue of The FameInterscope later decided to release the eight new songs as a standalone EP in some territories. The decision was also due to Gaga believing the re-release too expensive and that the albums were conceptually different, describing them as yin and yang.

A super deluxe edition of The Fame Monster including The Fame and additional merchandise, including a lock of her wig, was released on December 15, Add to Cart. Description Tracks Total download size: 1. Available on Hi Rez Digital Download.

The fame monster lady gaga download album covers

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The fame monster lady gaga download album covers

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The Fame (album)

Black Dierks Bentley. Colors Beck. Some Nights Fun. Sola Amanda Martinez. At Best Cuckold Avi Buffalo. Man of the Woods Justin Timberlake.A week and change may not be a very long time when it comes to understanding how an artist's new album will fit into their overall catalog. But with Lady Gaga 's Chromatica now having been out for long enough to become her sixth chart-topper on the Billboardwe've had a little time to sort out our feelings about the work.

Now, we can compare it to what's come before: Stefani Germanotta's four other full-length solo albums, as well as a couple of collaborative LPs and one particularly high-profile sequel EP. Here's a ranking of her eight major releases, counting down to Mother Monster's all-time finest creation. Not to say that Cheek to Cheek is anything less than charming: The native New Yorkers make for surprisingly good on-record chemistry on this collection of jazz-standard duets.

But even it was a necessary reset button for Gaga to hit, after her adventures in dance-pop futurism had left her slightly adrift with the listening public -- and even if it might've been the Gaga album that finally got your parents to take her seriously -- it's just a little too low-stakes a listen to rank ahead of any of her original studio albums. Intended as both Gaga's most personal album to date and her attempt to connect with more of America's center, Joanne largely succeeds -- "Diamond Heart" sneaks some of Gaga's most confessional lyrics into a Meadowlands-worthy stadium-rock opener, while "Million Reasons" may be her most affecting ballad yet, potentially setting her career up for a successful second act on country radio.

But the well-intentioned anthems of social conscience "Come to Mama," "Angel Down" land somewhat flat, and some of the friskier numbers "John Wayne," "A-YO" feel like a party whose host is trying a little too hard to convince everyone about how much fun they're having. Unsurprisingly for such a polarizing album, Artpop has both serious strengths and some glaring weaknesses: The thing shimmers and gleams like the best Big Pop, but by album's end, the insularity of late-LP tracks like "Donatella" and "Mary Jane Holland" can't help but become a little alienating.

Still, "Aura" is one of her best openers, "Applause" is the rare lead single that makes perfect sense as a closer, and contextual creepiness aside, "Do What U Want" steams like the fogged windows in the backseat of the Drive soundtrack. Truth told, the best Lady Gaga album might've been the one that combined the highlights from this album and its successor into one unstoppable collection of storming disco-pop and inflammable mega-balladry: Like Artpop with higher highs and slightly lower lows Born This Way arrives on the wings of Pegasus but never quite touches down to earth.

The singles that were huge arguably should've been even huger, though -- and "Marry the Night" deserved far better than the fifth-single pat on the head it received -- while the hirsute histrionics of "Hair" could only have been pulled off by an artist with the straight-faced determination to be morphed into a motorcycle on her album cover. It's mood music for when you can't stand to concentrate for another second. The hits on Gaga's debut album are front-loaded to a comical degree: Slide early signature smash "Poker Face" up two tracks and the first four songs would be the first four U.

The obvious implication would be that the rest of the LP suffers by comparison, but the more accurate conclusion to reach might be that Gaga's team just got lazy picking songs for radio: "Boys, Boys, Boys" has the sleazy glam-pop strut to make both Kesha and Tommy Lee proud, "Brown Eyes" is the indie-darling power ballad to the blockbuster remake of "You and I," and the low-key irresistibility of "Summerboy" is a little bittersweet now in how unrecognizably far back it's gotten in Stefani's rearview.

The Fame Monster: A Classic Era with Controversy

As rare as it is for an EP to serve as any artist's definitive work, let alone one who spent time as the world's biggest pop star, it's hard to argue against The Fame Monster as the peak of Imperial Gaga.

It's hardly insubstantial, anyway -- at eight songs and 34 minutes, it's about as long as the famous first albums by Boston or The Cars -- and it benefited from being released at the exact right moment, after the spate of Fame hits gradually introduced the more alien parts of her persona into her public persona, clearing the zone for the epochal and fully extraterrestrial landing of "Bad Romance.

Every song here is either a smash or a fan favorite, with the La Ace of Base Bonita bounce of "Alejandro," the strobe goth of "Monster" and the lighter-waving literalism of "Speechless" mixing seamlessly in Mother Monster's wicked brew. Though listening to Fame Monster might make you wish subsequent LPs were as tightly edited, the EP left fans clamoring for so much more Gaga that you can't really blame her for actually giving it to us.

The Biz premium subscriber content has moved to Billboard. To simplify subscriber access, we have temporarily disabled the password requirement. Don't show again.First Released Interscope Records.

It was released on November 18, through Interscope Records. Initially planned to be included on a re-release of Gaga's debut studio album, The Fame, she announced that the eight tracks would be included on a standalone release, saying that she thought the re-release was too expensive and that the albums were each conceptually different, describing them as Yin and yang respectively.

A Super Deluxe edition of The Fame Monster including The Fame and additional merchandise, including a lock of her wig, was released on December 15, Musically, The Fame Monster is a pop album influenced by a number of genres, prominently the disco, glam rock and synthpop music of the s and s, as well as industrial and Gothic music. The album was also inspired by fashion shows and runways. According to Gaga, the album deals with the darker side of fame, including love, sex, alcohol and more. Lyrically, they are expressed through a monster metaphor.

The cover artwork was done by Hedi Slimane and has a Gothic theme, as described by Gaga herself. The artwork was originally declined by her record company, however, Gaga convinced them to go through with it. The Fame Monster received generally favorable reviews from music critics. Its lead single, "Bad Romance", was a commercial success, topping the charts in more than twenty countries worldwide, while reaching number two on the Billboard Hot in the United States.

The next two singles, "Telephone" and "Alejandro" were successful as well, reaching the top ten in multiple countries worldwide. The Fame Monster has won multiple awards since its release. And she has achieved this with a blend of hooky tunes and outrageous outfits, a mix that Madonna once offered.

That sci-fi clobber of hers, and her interviews where she talks up the Warholian nature of her project, flatter to deceive: this music is nowhere near as mould-breaking as she would have you believe. Admittedly, Warhol would have loved it. User Comments No comments yet Status unlocked. External Links.The Fame is the debut album by Lady Gaga. The album was first released in Canada on August 19, by Interscope Records.

The main theme of the songs is about how anyone can feel famous like a celebrity.

ALBUM: Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster [Zip]

On February 26,The Fame went Diamond signifying over 10 million albums sold selling around 16 million copies world wide. On July 7th,The Fame became the best selling album in U. The writing of the album took around two years and a half and started in The songs are mostly inspired by Gaga's love of fame in general, and deals with the intricacies of a rich and famous lifestyle, visualized by her.

Musically, the album drew inspiration from '80s electropop and synthpop while incorporating dance music and clear hooks. In regards to the title and concept of the album, Lady Gaga explained, " The Fame is about how anyone can feel famous. Pop culture is art. It doesn't make you cool to hate pop culture, so I embraced it and you hear it all over The Fame.

But, it's a sharable fame. I want to invite you all to the party. I want people to feel a part of this lifestyle. Musically, the album drew influences from late s glam rock musicians such as David Bowie and Queen. Gaga incorporated their glam-rock sound while devising catchy pop melodies and hooks to create what she has dubbed, "theatrical pop".

Songs like " Poker Face ", " Just Dance " and " LoveGame " are uptempo dance songs, with "Poker Face" carrying a dark sound with clear vocals on the chorus and a pop hook. The song has an eighties synth pop feeling in it while incorporating the "Eh, Eh" hook from Rihanna's single "Umbrella" Lyrically, the songs on The Fame talk about being famous and achieving popularity. Gaga explained in an interview with the Daily Star that the lyrics carry a bit of an undertone of confusion about love and sex.

The lyrics also portray the desire of capturing the attention of the camera as well as achieving fame. To promote the album, Gaga did several performances worldwide. She performed in Vietnam for the 57th Miss Universe beauty pageant during the swimsuit competition.

It was initially announced as Gaga's second single, but " Poker Face " was chosen instead. There were two videos released for the song — the first was composed of clips from Dirty Sexy Money, and the second was the actual music video.

The song charted on the UK Singles Chart due to digital downloads and peaked at number eighty-three. The album received further promotion from her first headlining concert tour The Fame Ball Tourwhich started on March 12in San Diego, California. It was Gaga's first concert tour with North American shows in March, followed by dates in Oceania and a solo trek through Europe.

Dates in Asia soon followed, as well as two performances at England's V Festival and two shows in North America that had been postponed from April. Gaga described the tour as a traveling museum show incorporating artist Andy Warhol's pop-performance art concept. Tickets were distributed for charity also.Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, m?? Nacida y criada en la ciudad de Nueva York, estudi??

Fue as?? En la?? Just Dance Feat. Colby O'donis Lovegame Paparazzi Poker Face Beautiful, Dirty, Rich The Fame Money Honey Starstruck Feat.

The fame monster lady gaga download album covers

Boys, Boys, Boys Paper Gangsta Brown Eyes I Like It Rough Summerboy Bad Romance Alejandro Monster Speechless Dance In The Dark Telephone Feat. Beyonce So Happy I Could Die Marry The Night Born This Way Government Hooker Judas Americano Hair Bloody Mary Bad Kids Highway Unicorn Road To Love